product manager


$500k - $4M ARR in 6 months

about me

I am a data-driven product manager with experience in agile development principles, passionate about building cutting edge products that satisfy customer needs and drive high revenue growth, I have two years experience as a product manager, I currently work as a product owner in the no-code space helping clients build super fast MVPs and also helping manage their development teams beyond the MVP stage on no-code. I also consult with a crypto startup about to launch.


industries worked in

I’ve managed the building of about 50 MVPs in different product spaces like fintech, health tech, e-commerce, ed- tech, construction, Romance etc. I’ve worked with products serving different clients all over the world, building for Europeans, Latin Americans, Africans, Australians etc.
  I am also one of the co-founders of productlessons.com. I am being mentored by Ravi Kumar, a top product leader and a ‘mind the product’ speaker in Germany.

What i’m up to now

Currently head of client success, WeLoveNoCode, San Francisco, CA.


my philosophy

You cannot manage what you don’t measure
– Peter Drucker


On being Data and metrics-driven

I believe in being aware of data and metrics and letting that drive innovation on strategies to solve them.


On customer

I believe customer pain points should drive features. I believe in the jobs to be done framework.


On structures and

I believe the efficiency of development rests heavily on driving alignment across all teams involved.


On Attitude and

I believe it’s not about how I want things done but the best process for my team, my company, and my clients/stakeholders.


My portfolio

Kraken Edu

Kiddie Box

Pockit Space

Dodo Africa


Contact Me

Do you have a project or and idea you would like to build, send me
a message and I’ll be happy to help you.